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❤️The secret sister is back! ❤️

I've had several friends do this, and I've finally decided to join!
❤️The secret sister is back! ❤️
I am looking for 6 (or more)ladies who would be interested in a holiday gift exchange. Doesn’t matter where you live, you are welcome to join. You only have to buy 1 gift at $10 or more and send to your secret sister. (Hello, Amazon! Or any online shop!!!)
You will then receive anywhere from 6 to 36 gifts in return. This is my first year to participate! I love being able to send a gift to a complete stranger !
Let me know if you are interested and I will send you info on your sister. We could ALL use some happy mail!!❤️Who's in????

Si vous cherchez un endroit pour vous détendre, un vietnam tours peut vous intéresser. You can also consult to the program Vietnam tour 14 days for your best trip

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Update : 30-01-2018


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