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Poor Jumbo

Poor Jumbo.. exploited to death.. and even after his death they stuffed him :( They even carved up his broken tusks into souvenirs !!! A crack in Jumbo’s leg bone reveals he was still growing when he died .:(
Stolen as a baby from his mother, destined for a non life entertaining humans, broken by training, to entertain humans... he was never violent towards humans.. but at night
"Jumbo’s calmness during the day was in contrast to his behaviour at night. Sir David says: “Then, he would become possessed by terrifyingly violent rages in which he would smash the timbers of his enclosure.”
"Jumbo was prone to self-harm, breaking off both tusks on one occasion. When they grew back, he ground them down against the stonework of his enclosure"
Constant tooth ache caused by a horrible diet of doughnuts, instead of proper elephant food like grass and trigs, caused him to break off his own tusks to relive the pain caused by the inadequate diet ...and riddled with pain from hip issues and knee inflammation caused by rotten diet and humans sitting on his back, his keeper giving him whisky to subdue his night time rages... caused by his toothache!!! denied a natural life... forced to endure journey after journey in trailers ferried all over the country ..
His death by internal bleeding and his tusks piercing his brain from being hit by a train would have been a mercy!!!! Cretinous humans who think animals are entertainment and nothing more!
Humans who visit zoos, including petting zoos.... or any other place that contains animals that denies them a natural life.. purely to entertain humans... fuck your lives too
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Update : 13-03-2018


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